Rural WiFi Satellite

Say “goodbye” to congestion and slow speeds and “hello” to superfast satellite broadband.

Standard Professional Installation €250 with a Once-off Hardware Fee of €250 and Shipping Fee of €40.

All non-standard installation fees are paid on your first month’s bill.

A de-installation service is not offered.

Key Benefits:

  • Superfast – Speeds of up to 150 Mbps.
  • Super Affordable – Packages starting from just €49.90.
  • Super Coverage – Our Satellite covers all of Ireland and the UK.
  • Super Simple – We have a range of packages to suit your needs, from light internet use through to multiple devices and HD video streaming.

3-4 week wait time for installation & activation due to such high demand. 


A brand-new satellite, launched at the start of 2024 by Eutelsat and Brdy, one of the largest satellite companies in the world.

Designed with one thing in mind: To bring superfast broadband to EVERYONE!

The satellite sits in geo-stationary orbit 35,000km above the earth’s surface and using state of the art technology delivers speeds of up to 150 Mbps delivered without the need to dig up roads and lay cables.

Data 300

  • Priority Data 300GB
  • Free Data 1am to 6am
  • 12 month contract
  • Hardware Fee €250
  • Installation Fee €250

Data 500

  • Priority Data 500GB
  • Free Data 1am to 6am
  • 12 month contract
  • Hardware Fee €250
  • Installation Fee €250

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Is satellite internet new and experimental?

This technology is not new, people have been watching satellite TV for decades, but there have been some recent advances to make satellite technology more suitable for connecting you to the internet.

Unlike TV, internet over satellite requires a two-way connection. Users of satellite broadband both send and receive information to and from the satellite. Changes to how the data is packaged and the infrastructure both in space and on the ground, mean that you can now get much faster speeds; up to 50 Mbps over satellite broadband. That’s faster than many wired connections!

How about online gaming with a satellite broadband connection?

Online gaming over a satellite broadband connection is tricky and we do not recommend it. The rapid exchanges of data that many games such as ‘first-person shooter’ or sporting games need to be properly enjoyed present challenges. The time lag involved may lead to frozen screens, and jumpy gameplay.

Will my speeds decrease at busy times of the day?

Congestion can occur when lots of people are using the service all at the same time. The word congestion helps us to understand it as the congestion you face on the road is like the congestion you can face getting online. When lots of people try to access the service at the same time, average speeds decline, just like when lots of drivers are trying to drive along the same stretch of road.

As with other broadband services, average speeds will decline during periods of congestion. Congestion is most likely during peak times. This is 5pm-11pm as well as on weekends and during the school holidays. We’ve collated advice from our technical team on how to get the most out of your data and avoid any slow-down at peak times.

Why do I need a view of the southern Sky?

You need a view of the southern Sky because that is where our satellites are. We use geostationary satellites, meaning they orbit the earth 22,000 miles above the equator and move at the same speed as the earth’s rotation. This means they appear stationary from earth. Because they are along the equator, they are to the south of us here in Ireland.

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