What are Tenda Nova Mesh Kits?

The Smart Home WiFi System is a whole home WiFi booster, that includes several access points to cover a large area. They are affordable and ideal for those looking to cover a large space using a broadband single connection. The small nodes have a minimalist, matte style and don’t take up a lot of space within the home.

What really sets the Smart Home WiFi System apart from other wifi boosters on the market, is the affordable price. Although there are cheaper broadband extenders out there, they only extend your connection slightly and can cause a significant drop in speeds.

Whereas the Smart Home WiFi System create a standalone wifi system. There are nodes that come with each system, which can be placed across your home. It allows you to seamlessly swap between access points as you wander around our home. Whereas with wifi extenders, the connection would disconnect and reconnect from one network to the other.

The setup is quick and easy! If you have any issues please contact our support team to talk you through the setup.

What are Tenda Nova Mesh Kits?

Set Up: Smart Home WiFi System

  1. Power-off your broadband modem.
  2. Use the ethernet cable provided with your WiFi System to connect any one of the nodes to your modem.
  3. The LED light at the top corner of the node should appear green on this first node. This will be your main node.
  4. Power on the second and third node near the main node (temporarily). The light should appear green.
But Now!

Configuration: Smart Home WiFi System

  1. Download the Tenda App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This cannot be done on a computer or laptop.
  2. Connect to the Nova Wifi internet access point on your phone. The network ID and password can be found on the back of the main node. 
  3. Open the Tenda App again, and the set-up process will start. 
  4. The additional access points they should automatically appear on the app once turned on and joined to the network. However, they can also be connected manually via the app. Go to settings on the app, select add nova, and scan the QR code on the back of each node to connect them to the network.
  5. Once connected, the main node must stay you can place the nodes across your house, within 10 metres of the primary node, acting as a complete whole home wifi system

Once you are all set up you can monitor your Smart Home WiFi System by the colour of the LED light at the top corner of each node, which indicates the strength of the connection. 

  • Green/Blue – Excellent
  • Yellow – Fair
  • Magenta – Poor
  • Red – Disconnected

This light can help choose the best spot to place the nodes around your home.


Remote Access

Your Smart Home WiFi System can also be accessed anytime remotely. The remote access is as follows:

  1. Open the Tenda App, and tap on the top-right corner.
  2. Click Login, and then Register.
  3. Enter a valid email address. 
  4. A confirmation email will be then sent to your inbox. Follow the email instructions to register your account.

Parental Control

All the Smart Home WiFi Boosters have a parental control function that allows you to choose the times at which the internet is accessed from certain devices.

The Importance of a Strong Internet Connection During Covid-19
  1. Select Settings > Parental Control 
  2. Select Create a Group > Add a Group
  3. Choose a group name then select the devices to be added to the group.
  4. It will then give you the option to ‘pause’ and ‘play’ to start and stop access to the network for these devices.
  5. Select Period to set times that these devices are provided access.

Guest Network

Another feature of the Tenda Smart Home WiFi System is the Guest Network option. This can be used for any guests in your home as it keeps the main network more secure.

  1. Settings > Guest Network > Enable
  2. Select a WiFi name and password. 
  3. Select the validity period and hit save.

For more details about set up: Tenda Smart Home WiFi System Set Up Guide

Talk to our sales staff on (01) 211 86 53, to find out which Smart Home WiFi System is best suited to your needs.

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March 2024

Very happy and highly recommend. Last month we were looking for a new internet provider and spent some time reading reviews of the providers in our area. After readig them and talking about our choices, my wife and I liked the reviews of Rural Wifi, they had lots of them and the comments were very positive. So after all our research, we made our decision and are very happy with it. They offer great service which is hard to find these days and they also have a wonderful and friendly customer service team when you need them

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Good customer support. Easy to get a response by telephone. Prompt assistance and installation. Good broadband coverage, despite residing in a 'black spot'.

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February 2024

Amazing service! I’ve had Rural WiFi for the past 2 years and I would have been lost without it. Such a great service and amazing customer service too. Never had a days trouble with it at all.

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February 2024

Excellent, reliable company I have been with Rural WiFi for a number of years now. I have found them to be extremely reliable and reasonably priced. I live in the countryside and have forestry around my house. I tried a few companies before I found Rural WiFi, they are the only company that got us connected at a decent speed, even the landline speed was extremely slow (not fiberoptic) through eircom. Rural WiFi customer service is one of the best I've ever dealt with. They return a call or email when they say they will, they deal with the issue promptly and professionally. I recommend Rural WiFi 100%

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