Satellite broadband is set up in the home, by installing a satellite dish on the roof. It utilises satellite technology instead of phone lines or fibre optic cables. No connection to any infrastructure is required, as the dish mounted to your house is beamed up to the satellite above the equator and back down to your house. 

Those living in rural areas often do not have the existing infrastructure for cable and DSL internet connection, making satellite broadband a better option. Any forestry, hills or other landmasses won’t affect the connection as satellite broadband offers 100% connectivity.

Satellite technology is not a new discovery as people have been using satellite TV since the 1960s. However, it has been more recently discovered that it is suitable for connecting to the internet, especially in remote areas.

How Does Satellite Broadband Work?


  1. You click on something on your device
  2. The request is sent by wire to the satellite dish mounted on your home
  3. The dish sends your request to the satellite in the sky
  4. The satellite is geostationary, meaning it moves along with the Earth basically staying in one place
  5. The satellite beams your data to the Network Operations Centre
  6. The data is retrieved for your request here and is beamed back to the satellite
  7. The satellite sends this data to your dish, and then to your device

This process takes a fraction of a second, approximately 3 milliseconds.

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This packing is offered through our partner Konnect. Konnect is a new venture by Eutelsat and Big Blu, who have set up satellite beams across Europe, including several across Ireland. They are operating through Eutelsat Konnect satellite located 36,000 km from Earth. 

It reaches across 15 countries across Europe and 40 across Africa and has an estimated lifespan of 15 years.

Now households who otherwise have no internet connection are being offered 100% connectivity. Satellite broadband in the past has been a niche, expensive product. However, RuralWifi is bringing satellite to mainstream marketing, widely being distributed across Ireland. 

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