Today’s children in rural Ireland are starting to get connected with their Broadband and some for the very first time. They are discovering the Internet, they are communicating with their friends and family, playing online computer games like Minecraft and Roblox and creating their first email addresses and social media accounts.

The age of remote learning, remote work, virtual reality, social media and the Metaverse is upon them. Learning how to navigate these is fun but unfortunately comes with some risk.

In the same way that parents don’t want their children to get into trouble while playing out in the park or school, parents need to consider Internet safety and look for ways to educate their children. Schools are a good place to start, parents should work together with teachers and encourage Internet safety lessons or look for online resources like

Over 50% of children Aged 6-8 have access to a computer with Internet access according to The National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC) 2016

Parents create curfews for their children, to come home at a certain time and going to bed, and the same can be done for the Internet. Activating “Parental Control” and removing access to the Internet for your children’s devices with automated schedules and blocking harmful websites.

Tenda & TP-Link Routers have parental control, and here is how to access them:

Parental Control Guide:

Every parent wants their children to excel in every aspect of their life and judging by the current trends Digital Citizenship could be the ones that will need the most attention.

Internet Opportunities

Online Security Tips:
VPN app
What is a VPN and why do you need one?

Don’t be an easy target. Make it difficult for cybercriminals. Stay safe online and off.

Time to change your password.

If you have not done so in a while, please change your password and read our tips for extra security and best practices. In addition, enable 2-factor authentication where ever possible. Use a password manager (Bitwarden is a good choice), and keep your devices updated. Finally, look out for phishing scams and always reverse google search an unexpected message or email received.