Award-winning Internet Provider

Award Winning Internet Provider Rural WiFi takes home gold not once but twice at this year’s The Irish CX Impact Awards 2022.

The first being the Irish CX Impact Award for Impact in Technology, Media & Telecoms. As if being an Award Winning Internet Provider wasn’t enough our Customer Success Manager Evan Cotter took home the CX Rising Star of the Year.

The winners

The Irish CX Impact Award 2022 Winners

The Irish CX Impact Awards were launched in 2018 to recognise the achievements in measuring and managing Customer Experience excellence that delivers better outcomes for the customer. As a small Irish company, we pride ourselves on customer service and ensure that the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

To have been nominated was an incredible achievement in its own right. But to have gone and won both nominations was the icing on the cake, winning these awards proves that our fantastic team are doing everything right.

CEO Patrick Cotter CX Impact in Technology, Media & Telecoms

CX Impact in Technology, Media & Telecoms

Rural WiFi

National Broadband Ireland
Rural WiFi

Winning this award after being up against much larger companies was an honour. As an internet provider, we work one on one with our customers until they are happy. If this requires multiple support calls and customer check-ins, that is what we will do. Our motto is “don’t make a sale, make a customer”, at Rural WiFi you are not just a number and that is what we pride ourselves in.

The Internet can be a challenge in getting connected, especially in rural areas, we bring our customers on a journey with us until they are connected. If we have to try multiple internet options we will do so until our customer is satisfied with their internet speeds.

We are currently living in a digital-driven world where the Internet has become the centre of everything we do. Connecting people in the most rural parts of Ireland who have never had an internet connection before brings us so much joy, reminding us of what our company is all about.

CX Rising Star of the Year 2022

CX Rising Star of the Year

Evan Cotter – Rural WiFi

Sian Boyle – The Energia Group
Evan Cotter – Rural WiFi
Sarah-Louise Gallagher – Impulse Recruitment Ireland
Angeline Magee – Power NI
Karen O’Dwyer – Beacon Hospital

What an honour for our own Evan Cotter to be recognised for his excellent work and dedication he has to the company. This award honoured CX professionals with less than 5 years of experience in the field that have evidence of outstanding achievements in handling business matters from big to small by demonstrating creativity, initiative and teamwork.

Evan is the Customer Success Manager and there is nothing he doesn’t do for his customers or his team. His passion and drive for what he does is outstanding. Customer Care is at the forefront of everything we do and we are delighted that Evan has gotten the recognition he deserves, not only does he support our customers but encourages our team and ensures that everyone is doing the best they can.

Rural WiFi team at the CX Awards 2022

It was a pleasure to have been part of an event that recognised CX and be surrounded by much larger companies. If it wasn’t for our fantastic team at Rural WiFi none of this would have been possible, it was a true testament to the team and the efforts they put in each and every day. This will only motivate us to continue and push our customer care efforts to the next level, ensuring to keep our customers at the centre of everything we do.

A huge congratulations to all Nominees and Winners on the night and a huge thank you to the CX Impact Awards for a fantastic night.

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