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From the coffee that can brew itself to the fans that will switch off when you close your main door, technology has brought us a long way. Technology is rapidly evolving, and the experts are working hard to make our life easier. It seems like they collect all the common problems that we have been dealing with in our normal life and assure to develop a technological solution for every problem.

If you will look around you will notice that there is a gadget for every problem that you have been dealing with. However, a common issue that most of the people have been dealing with is that technology is rapidly advancing and every day something new is introduced in the market. It is hard for them to upgrade their gadgets rapidly and they want a solution for this issue. We know that it is not possible for you to buy a new gadget every day and that is why we have the list of some smart gadgets that will not have to replace even after up gradation. Make sure that you have these smart devices in your home.

Smart Home Devices – Google home speakers

A speaker that every home should have is the Google smart home speaker. It will change the way you have been listening to music. The speaker is powerful enough that you will enjoy the small house party without the necessity of hiring the large buffers and speakers. They can easily connect through Bluetooth with your phone and other smart devices. The biggest attraction of the home speaker is that they will allow you to attend calls as well. It means that if you are working in the kitchen and cannot touch your phone, you can easily answer the call with the smart home speaker.

Smart bulbs

There was a time in our life when we were afraid of going to the bathroom at night because the lights were off. The fear has not gone anywhere because now we are afraid of the toys that children might have left on the floor and if we step on those toys they will badly hurt. In order to deal with this situation smart bulb is the best solution. The bulbs have special sensors that will detect your motion at night and will light up. As well as you can connect the bulbs with your smartphone and control them even if you are not at your home.

Robot vacuum

Cleaning the house is the toughest chore that we have to deal with especially if you have kids or pets around. However, robot vacuum has made it was easier for you. You will not have to move around the house with the heavy vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner will properly suck all the dirt and debris that has been lying on the floor and you will get the completely clean surface. It has a special sensor that will detect all the dirt and any obstacles that might be in its way. Once the room is clean the cleaner will automatically stop, and you can take it to the next room. It will not make any irritating noise and using the app controller you can even adjust the schedule for the cleaner.

Smart security camera

A security camera is the biggest necessity of the present age. However, most of the camera that we have been using are huge and they are not properly hidden. This is the reason that it is easy to damage them. However, the smart home cameras are small in size and you can easily adjust it to your doorbell with such perfection that no one will know there is a camera. The best thing about the camera is that you can connect it to your smartphone that will help you know what is happening around your house. Even if you are at work you will know who is visiting your house. In case you notice someone suspicious you can easily inform your family members not to open the door so that you will not have to deal with any serious issues.

Keyless entry

A common issue that most of us have been dealing with s that we often forget our keys at home. That is why we have to hire the locksmiths to get the lock broken. A keyless entry system is the best solution to this problem. There are different types of locks available like fingerprint locking system, card locking system, pin code locks and much more. The best thing about these locks is that they are connected to your smartphone. It means that you can change the lock anytime you like. As well as if you do not want to share the password you can easily let them enter the house by opening the door through your smartphone.

Smart plug

Most of us often forget to switch off the coffee maker or iron when we are in a hurry. In this situation, we either have to come back home from halfway to switch off the devices or if we have completely forgotten we will be welcomed by a major disaster. Not anymore because the smart plug will allow you to control the device from your smartphone. You can easily connect the minor devices into the smart plug like iron, coffee maker and much more. You can use the controls on your phone to switch of the smart plug and the device will be automatically switched off. It will help you save time and electricity bills.

Bottom line

These are some of the best home assistance systems that will allow you to manage your home perfectly. These technologies will enhance the security of your home and will allow you to save a decent amount of money on utility bills. Make sure that you get all these appliances in your home because they will provide you a better and stress-free.

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March 2024

Very happy and highly recommend. Last month we were looking for a new internet provider and spent some time reading reviews of the providers in our area. After readig them and talking about our choices, my wife and I liked the reviews of Rural Wifi, they had lots of them and the comments were very positive. So after all our research, we made our decision and are very happy with it. They offer great service which is hard to find these days and they also have a wonderful and friendly customer service team when you need them

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February 2024

Good customer support. Easy to get a response by telephone. Prompt assistance and installation. Good broadband coverage, despite residing in a 'black spot'.

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February 2024

Amazing service! I’ve had Rural WiFi for the past 2 years and I would have been lost without it. Such a great service and amazing customer service too. Never had a days trouble with it at all.

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February 2024

Excellent, reliable company I have been with Rural WiFi for a number of years now. I have found them to be extremely reliable and reasonably priced. I live in the countryside and have forestry around my house. I tried a few companies before I found Rural WiFi, they are the only company that got us connected at a decent speed, even the landline speed was extremely slow (not fiberoptic) through eircom. Rural WiFi customer service is one of the best I've ever dealt with. They return a call or email when they say they will, they deal with the issue promptly and professionally. I recommend Rural WiFi 100%

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