Rural WiFi are delighted to announce our NEW Rural Wireless Broadband packages. We now offer three different wireless solutions Silver, Gold and Platinum.

More details on these packages can be found here!

All of these Wireless Packages are powered by our NEW Dual-Band Rocket Routers, which offer stable, more reliable and faster broadband speeds.

What are Dual-Band Rocket Routers?

Our Dual-Band Rocket Routers are the next generation of WiFi routers/modems far superior to the more commonly used standard single-band routers. These routers can support internet speed of up to 2,000+Mbps.

They are capable of transmitting and receiving data using 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. The 5GHz is what makes the routers really shine and deliver these high speeds.

Although the 5GHz frequency has its drawbacks, as it can’t broadcast its WiFi signal as far as the 2.4 GHz frequency and is not compatible with some older devices, this new router is classified as a ‘Simultaneous Dual-Band’. This means that the user will have two separate wireless networks working at the same time, while avoiding overcrowding, interference and flexibility to deliver the best possible connection.

If you have any questions about our NEW Wireless Broadband Packages, please give our team a call on (01) 211 86 53!


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Our mission at Rural WiFi is to help those in the most rural locations to get high-speed internet. With four options to choose from we are confident, there is a solution for everyone!