Our fearless leader Patrick Cotter CEO of Rural Wifi was interviewed in the Irish Times today. In the interview, Cotter talks about how the National Broadband plan has failed to connect rural Ireland to high-speed rural internet and how this drove him to create Rural Wifi.

The beauty with Rural Wifi is that you don’t need a fixed landline. Our customers can order pre-configured, easy to install routers and booster omnidirectional antennas that we developed, offering double the speeds and signal strength. We have customers who were getting 1MB with fixed line and can now hook up their smart TV and Xbox without any problems.

Cotter also talks about his past delivery wifi solutions to Ireland, through Rural Wifi’s sister company: FleetConnect. With FleetConnect, Cotter connects millions of broadband users every week across Ireland on buses and trains. He also mentions that with Rural Wifi, we have also developed a new solution to help maintain a stable wifi signal in blackspots with the Rural Wifi High-Gain External Antenna.

To read the full article, visit The Irish Times.

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