Nova MW6 range booster is powered with true Mesh technology, no matter the structure, a set of three units will cover a home up to 6,000 sq.ft with strong Wi-Fi signals. Smart Auto-path Selection Technology to ensure a robust wireless network and maximize a faster home internet.

An Easy Whole-home Networking: This smart tech, powered by MU-MIMO technology, each node automatically connects to the other, creating a distributed network throughout your entire home allowing for seamless roaming. NOVA units arrive pre-paired to each other. Just plug them in the cables and leave everything else to NOVA.

WiFi Extender Provides..
  • Seamless whole-home coverage up to 60 devices
  • Minimalist access points
  • Lag free experience
  • 15 minute set up 
  • Parental control
  • Remote access

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