Rural WiFi’s Panel Antenna is essential to any wireless broadband package. Installed internally or externally, the antenna gives you the advantage of speed enhancement and prevents speed fluctuation.

We have two options: a 2m cable and a 10m cable.

The 2m cable has a stronger DBI gain and a stand to place inside the home beside your router.

The 10m cable has slightly less DBI gain but is still as effective. This panel antenna is ideal for installing externally, however, it is built for internal purposes as well. It has the benefit of a longer cable if the router is far away from a window or plug.

Our panel antenna is a signal booster, meaning it strengthens the signal coming into your home to increase your broadband speeds. Customers with average coverage have seen their broadband speed accelerate by up to 300% with this booster panel antenna.

How It Works:
The Booster Panel Antenna connects to the back of your router and is placed at a high point within your home (eg. attic, window).

The panel antenna should be pointing in the direction of the nearest mobile broadband mast. Call our team to find the best spot in your home for your panel antenna to get you optimum speeds.

Contact Support for any questions!

Dimensions: 29.5cm x 18cm x72mm (LxWxH) *Size of a shoebox.

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