The Latest Internet Trends and News for 2021

The internet is continually changing, with new internet trends constantly emerging. The ongoing pandemic has proven just how integral the internet has become in our lives. During days of isolation, we resorted to online media for news, safety guidelines, and entertainment.

Thankfully, every year brings something new to the ever-evolving internet scene, with new trends always emerging and adapting to the climate of the current times. 

The Internet has not only become a source of leisure time fun but is now essential for everyday tasks such as shopping, keeping in touch with loved ones, education, and doing business. In this era of limited contacts, the web has become a necessity for many people. Since it’s always changing, predicting trends is an interesting, yet difficult task. 

Rural Wi-Fi looked at a few areas that we believe will have some serious changes in 2021. These may affect your business or how you operate social media and then again, they may not affect you at all.

Social Media – Internet Trends

With a myriad of new competitors, it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that Facebook is still the social network with the largest number of active users, yet its growth has hit something of a slope. 

TikTok on the other hand has seen a massive 300 million reported active users since January 2020. This is a 37.50% growth since Jan 2020. Seems like in these scary times people are yearning for some entertainment, provided by lip-syncs and odd dances. 

Snapchat, although it was expected to be forgotten, has seen a surge of 24.87% growth in regular users. Adding 95 Million active users to the phoenix of social media. Instagram live usage grew by 70% and will continue to be popular in 2021. Its importance is especially relevant when it comes to shopping – 70% of shoppers use Instagram to discover new products. 

So, the phase of your kids dancing awkwardly in the garden may not be over just yet.

E-Commerce Trends

Online shopping has seen a real boom in 2020 and is expected to continue growing in 2021 as well. WhatsApp and Viber are going to be used more in retailing, while WeChat is also projected to become a new battleground for shopping businesses. 

A whopping 150 million new customers came online in the face of the pandemic, bringing e-commerce to an all-time high. That likely means that competition is going to become even tougher.

Internet Trends and News for 2021

Augmented reality is expected to see a more prominent role in online shopping, allowing users to “try on” products at home.

Half of all sales happen on marketplaces, and retailers will be pushed to become a destination for shoppers. Since just searching is unbranded and the competition is likely to become more challenging. Through personalization, customer service, and building community, online stores can leverage their position and keep attracting shoppers.

Advertising Trends

Digital advertising is getting more competitive than ever and the global health crisis has changed online marketing forever. It has spurred an increase in user-generated content, likely to become the number one way how brands choose to market their products. 

Organic and more creative content is becoming a more effective way to advertise in comparison to automation tools and bland, generic advertising strategies. 

Social commerce is becoming an essential tool for advertising, with shoppable posts and irresistible feeds, with Instagram being the most important social media network for online shopping. 

To summarize, the internet is becoming a more competitive place. Urging more creative ways of advertising, connecting, and attracting traffic leading to an exciting future for the web. 

If you are a burgeoning business or simply interested in the changes likely to occur in 2021, we hope you found this piece interesting.

Remember though if you want to compete or simply entertain your family in these changing times. It’s important to have a quality broadband connection, one which you can find at Rural Wi-Fi.

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