Safer Internet day 2023

Safer Internet Day (SID) is celebrated annually and this year the 7th of February marks the 20th Edtion. The day aims to raise awareness and push for a safer internet for our children and teenagers, ensuring they have a positive experience online.   

SID is an EU-wide initiative to promote a safer internet for users, especially young people.

The theme this year is “Together for a better internet”, which encourages people globally to join together and make the internet a safer place for all. 

How to get involved?

This Safer Internet Day in Ireland, Webwise and the National Parents Council Primary are assisting parents through the #TalkListenLearn initiative. This campaign highlights the importance of having regular and open conversations with kids and teenagers to ensure they have a positive and safe experience online. 

In order to support the campaign, a number of resources have been created, including:

– SID Stakeholder Toolkit for Parents. 

– Updated Webwise Parent Guide to a Better Internet. 

– Talking Points for Parents.

– #TalkListenLearn Topic Generator– a new tool to encourage more conversations between parents and children. 

You can Participate this year in Safer Internet Day by signing up on WebWise. Webwise will also distribute free online safety packets to any participating clubs, organisations, or schools.

The internet needs to be safe for every user and here at Rural WiFi, we think everyone should be cautious and safe when browsing the internet. But thankfully there are many things that individuals can do to ensure they are staying safe online.

Rural WiFi’s Essential Internet Safety Tips

  1. – Ensure your internet connection is secure
  2. – Choose strong passwords
  3. – Enable multi-factor authentication where you can
  4. – Keep software and operating systems up-to-date
  5. – Be careful where you click

Ensure your Kids are safe online 

Keeping kids safe online is an important part of being a parent and you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can so they are safe. 

Rural WiFi’s Smart Home WiFi Mesh System can help ensure that your children are safe online. The Tenda Mesh kits provide parental control through the Tenda WiFi App. 

The Parental Control setting allows you to specify when your children’s devices are connected to the internet. Therefore you can monitor when they access the internet and ensure they are safe while doing so. 

Smart Home WiFi Mesh System

In the internet-crazy world, we live in it is essential that we keep our children safe and sheltered from the dangers they can experience online.  

We hope everyone gets involved with Safer Internet Day this year and help build a brighter future for the online world. 

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