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How do I compare broadband packages?

rnTry to answer these questions to help you find the right broadband bundle:rn

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  • What is the minimum contract period?
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  • What extra services do you want? Phone, TV or both?
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  • What broadband speed do you need?
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  • What is the total monthly cost?
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  • What download limit would suit you depending on your internet usage?
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  • Are there any hidden charges or fees for exceeding your download limit?
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Can I switch broadband packages?

rnYes, switching broadband provider is quick and easy. You could save hundreds of euro by switching to a better suited broadband solution tailored to you.rnrnRemember all broadband providers charge an early termination fee if you cancel during your contract’s minimum term. Some also require you to give 30 days notice to cancel, so you’ll need to do this to ensure you’re not billed for the product after you’ve switched.