The Importance of a Strong Internet Connection During Covid-19

The Coronavirus has led to many fundamental changes in our lives, not least how we interact and communicate with one another and entertain ourselves.

With public gatherings limited, and many traditional forms of entertainment postponed, people have been searching for alternative ways to go about their daily lives.

A strong internet connection has helped many by providing alternative ways to communicate, learn and be entertained. 

This can best be seen in how the elderly have adapted to new technology. Staying connected, learning about social media and video software, such as Zoom, has been one of the more positive things to emerge from the virus. 

At Rural Wi-Fi, we understand the importance of having a strong and reliable internet connection. 

In this piece, we are going to highlight just some of the great ways the internet has assisted people during the pandemic.

The Importance of a Strong Internet Connection During Covid-19
Access to Streaming Services

With many public gatherings called off, those both in rural areas and larger cities now focus on the internet to entertain themselves.

Video and movie streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube have seen a massive increase in subscriber numbers over the past few months. These platforms help families by keeping them occupied during their prolonged stay at home. I think we all remember how popular Joe Exotic was, way back in March.

The use of apps such as Tik Tok by both young and old has also been on the rise.

The Rise of Video Chat – with an Internet Connection

Social Distancing rules have prompted families to do more than just text. People now want to see each other, which is made possible by video chatting platforms such as Zoom and Skype. 

Since physical interactions, especially with the elderly is risky, families have turned to video chatting to keep in touch with parents and grandparents. 

While FaceTime and similar platforms were already popular among teens and younger people, access to the internet has allowed for an explosion in alternative options.

Entertainment has been provided by the likes of RTÉ and Irish artists, giving them an outlet for their talents and providing some much-needed distraction from the doom and gloom.

Online Education

With most school activities still under tight restrictions, families are now turning to the Internet for educational activities. Schools have shifted their learning activities online. 

Furthermore, parents are now using internet platforms to teach their kids. School assignments are now done and submitted online, something that would not have been considered a year ago.

The pandemic has pushed parents to seek internet services to ensure that their children stay educated throughout the pandemic. If you are struggling to find an internet provider in your area, contact Rural Wi-Fi today and we will find a solution for you.

Working From Home

WFH, has become a buzzword in recent times. With only essential workers permitted to travel, working from home has become the new norm. Companies all over the country are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their employees. 

Meetings previously held in boardrooms are now done on video conferencing platforms. Documents that were sorted physically are now being stored on cloud devices. 

Working from home may continue long into the future for some. What we know for sure is, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable internet provider on your side. That is what you will find with Rural Wi-Fi.

Perhaps you want to study, provide entertainment for your family, or simply order a meal. Whatever the reason, get in touch today. 

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