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  • A Signal Booster could be your WiFi Solution

  • Do you have Wireless broadband and struggle with speeds, consistency and stability? Do you just think that your connection is terrible? The good news is that we can help! A Signal Booster could be your WiFi Solution.

There are several reasons why your wireless connection is not performing to the best of its ability and is unable to get a stable connection with the wireless router alone. 

First off let’s explain how wireless broadband works 

Wireless broadband runs off local WiFi Masts whereby you have a router plugged into your house. The job of this router is to pull in a connection from WiFi Masts in the area and distribute WiFi around your home. For most people, this will work perfectly and they will achieve good speeds with their wireless broadband. 

However, there are a lot of people who will not have this success and here’s why…

Main Causes Of Poor Broadband

    • Thick walls in the house
    • High trees surrounding the property
    • The property might be in a dip of land
    • Hills blocking the line of sight to the mast
    • Distance to the nearest mast

    These are some of the reasons why a connection cannot get into the house. When you have thick walls they are blocking the connection coming into the router which in turn prevents your internet connection from working in the house. 

    In Rural areas, a lot of the time houses are old with thick concrete walls, forestry surrounding the house, dips in land etc. These are the customers who come to us and think they will never be able to get a good connection. They tell us they have tried wireless broadband before and couldn’t get connected so why should they try us?   

    The Solution

    Luckily there is a solution to this problem and you do not have to be with a bad internet connection. 

    At Rural WiFi our mission is to get people in rural areas connected and our answer to this is our Panel Antenna Signal Booster. We have developed one of the strongest boosters on the market and we have seen some of our customers increase their speeds by up to 300%.

    So what is a Panel Antenna Signal Booster?

    The Panel Antenna is a small white box that plugs into the back of the wireless router. Once it is connected you place it pointing towards your nearest WiFi Mast. 

    It can be mounted internally or externally. We suggest if you are leaving it inside, place it on a window sill or if you mount it outside mount it high on the wall or on the roof. 

    The good thing about it is that we do not need a direct line of sight. A lot of other providers need line of sight in order to draw a connection from a mast. Our signal booster has been developed strong enough that it only has to point in the direction of the Mast and does not require a direct line of sight. 

    2m & 10m Panel Antenna Signal Booster

    Our Panel comes in 2 options: a 2m cable and a 10m cable. The 2m comes with a stand so that you can leave it sitting on a window sill. The 10m is designed for mounting outside. However, both are weather resistant and both are as effective as each other. It is completely up to you which one you choose. The 10m comes with brackets for self-installation outside your house however we do not provide this installation service only the equipment. If you are unable to self-install we suggest the 2m panel antenna.

    To sum up, the signal booster takes away from any issues that are stopping an internet connection from coming into your router. The booster is now drawing a connection directly from the WiFi mast and carrying it straight into the router. In return improving your speeds and stability. 

    Improve your Speeds Today 

    Our Panel Antenna Signal Booster WiFi Solution has brought an internet connection to people in Rural Areas who thought they would never get connected.

    It really is what makes our wireless broadband better than other providers making us the Rural WiFi solution. If you have tried everything else to get connected we could be the answer. 

    This Black Friday you can purchase our Panel Antennas with 20% off, visit our Shop and get yours today. 

    If you would like to find out more about our services fill out our coverage check today and someone from our team will be in touch with your best available options. 

    You can also email our team at [email protected], chat with Paddy on our website or call today on 01 211 86 53.

    customer Testimonials

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    12 September

    Very easy company to deal with, we live in an area with no service and I tried a lot of different companies and no one could get WiFi to our area. I got my WiFi this week and it’s working perfectly, we are delighted with it.

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    23 September 2022

    Really lovely company to deal with. Dylan in particular was very helpful and accommodating!! Great service & WIFI.

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    5 September 2022

    I have found Rural Wifi to be very responsive and they offer a great service. Unlike other providers you can get through to them very quickly and you get to talk to a helpful person!

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