Green 5G Internet

In recent years, 5G has been implemented globally across 200 live networks and is expected to reduce networks’ energy consumption simultaneously. 

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile internet, it surpasses what 4G technology could ever accomplish in terms of speed, latency, and reliability. 5G is the fifth generation and latest evolution in data connection. The last time such developments in data connectivity occurred was in 2009 when 4G LTE completely changed how we use mobile devices.

How is it going to benefit you?

5G connectivity will enhance any online activity that needs fast internet, quick downloads, minimal latency, and dependable connections.

5G is going to benefit you if you enjoy the following: 

  • Online Gaming
  • HD Streaming 
  • Video Calling
  • Smart Home Technology
  • AR (augmented reality) Apps 

Depending on network coverage and where you live, 5G may be up to 100 times faster than 4G.

5G has been deployed globally in over 200 live networks. As we move towards 2025, the possibility to scale up 5G is there, while simultaneously reducing total network energy consumption. As countries continue to adopt and install 5G, it is increasingly important in today’s globe to ensure we are putting our industry on the path to environmental sustainability.

Breaking the Energy Curve

A report carried out by Ericsson explored how to break the energy curve with 5G deployment. Energy consumption in mobile networks has increased over time with each new mobile generation that has launched. It is essential that we advance how we plan, deploy and operate mobile networks in order to prevent this upward trend of energy usage from happening with 5G. 

In an attempt to achieve this Ericsson has developed a 3 step Global approach to breaking the energy curve in mobile networks. 

Sustainable network evolution

Adopt a holistic perspective of business goals and network reality to enable network planning and operation supporting business and sustainability goals.

Operate intelligently

Utilise AI/ML and automation for maximised traffic performance of installed hardware while consuming less energy.

Expand and modernise

When scaling 5G, effective network modernization is crucial to lowering overall mobile network energy usage.

Every little contribution counts in putting our industry on the path to protecting the environment. The demand for mobile networks is not going away anytime soon and without action, energy use won’t too. The overall aim is to support the global attempt to reach net zero emissions. This describes a state whereby all greenhouse gas emissions emitted, the same amount is absorbed by the atmosphere. 

The Future of 5G 

5G is the future of mobile/wireless broadband and the rollout is growing across the country. The benefits that come alongside 5G are essential to the future of High-speed internet continuing to support our mission as a company of getting rural areas connected to the internet. 

The Irish government hopes that 5G will help in achieving its goals for digital transformation in Ireland. As well as promoting Ireland as a top location for international companies. Although 5G adoption in the market is still in its early stages, Irish mobile providers are actively boosting 5G network speeds and coverage.

Irish network providers currently are providing 5G coverage to 75% of the population. All going well expected to have 99% coverage in the next 2 years. 

5G provides high speeds of up to 300mbps which is just as fast if not faster than fibre broadband. If fibre broadband is not available to you as of yet 5G could be your answer. 

Find out today if Rural WiFi 5G broadband is available in your home. 

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